Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. How is NCEL, NCSSEL, and JEL organized?

  • NCEL is Parent Organization to NCSSEL & JEL

Q. What are the general skill level requirements for each league and how are points calculated?

  • NCEL (National Capitol Equitation League) is for a barn’s most experienced Junior riders.  There are 3 separate divisions.  Novice riders jump 2’0″, Limit riders jump 2’3″ and Open riders jump 2’6″.   A team may have up to 4 riders in a division and a total of 9 riders/team.  The top scoring rider from each team in each class earns points that apply to the overall team score.  All riders’ points accumulate for individual year end awards.
  • NCSSEL (National Capitol Short Stirrup Equitation League) is for Junior riders who are comfortable jumping courses at 18”. It is possible to have “flat only” riders in this league. NCSSEL teams may have 6 primary (“point”) riders and up to 3 Alternate riders who compete with one another for end of season points and may also be called upon to fill in for an absent primary rider.  All points earned by Point riders are added to each team’s overall year end score from each meet.
  • JEL (Junior Equitation League) riders range in level from lead line  (Division 1) to riders who are equivalent to NCSSEL riders (Division 5) and comfortable over 18” courses.  A full JEL team has up to 2 riders per division, only the top scoring rider from each team in each class earns points that apply to the overall team score, a team could have only 5 riders, one in each division.  Additionally, a team does not have to have a rider in each division, but will be of course less competitive if they do not.  All riders’ points accumulate for individual year end awards.


Q. What are the host barn requirements?

  • Host Barns must provide their own judge.  Judges recognized by MHSA, VHSA or other USHJA affiliates are not required, but are prefered.  (Ribbons for regular meets are provided by NCEL).
  • Host Barns must provide enough help to prepare tack and manage their horses for visiting teams.
  • A barn may allow visitors to bring their own saddles, but this is not required.
  • Concessions for food and drinks or complimentary refreshments should be provided.

Q. Are barns required to have an indoor ring ring?

  • NO. We try to schedule barns without indoor rings to host in warmer months.


Q. Am I required to host?

  • NO. If scheduling permits and we can find another barn to host twice, we try to accommodate your wishes.  Our League is very flexible.


Q. When does the season begin?

  • The competitive season begins September 1st and ends early spring with the Finale typically in March and the awards banquet in April.


Q. How are rider points tracked?

  • Points are tracked for individual riders AND overall, team points are tallied for end of year awards. Individual and team points are posted weekly to our website.


Please refer to each league tab for more FAQ’s