NCEL Awards and Trophies

NCEL Award Recipients

High Point Team Champion & Reserve Champion

High Point Team perpetual trophy awarded to the team accumulating the most points throughout the competition year.  From 1980 to 2018, NCEL split the team up into A & B, which is now combined into one competitive team.  This data is for historical reference, scroll down to see current year.

Year Champion Team Reserve Champion Team Division
1979-1980 Woodlawn A
1980-1981 Woodlawn A
1981-1982 Hazelwild A
1982-1983 Merrymount Equestrian Center A
1983-1984 Merrymount Equestrian Center A
1984-1985 Merrymount Equestrian Center (retired) A
1985-1986 Madeira A
1986-1987 Madeira A
1987-1988 Clay Hill A
1988-1989 Merrymount Equestrian Center A
1989-1990 Oak Crest Farm A
1989-1990 Foxfield B
1990-1991 Merrymount Equestrian Center A
1990-1991 Merrymount Equestrian Center B
1991-1992 Foxfield A
1991-1992 Merrymount Equestrian Center B
1992-1993 Foxfield A
1992-1993 Chesterden B
1993-1994 Columbia A
1993-1994 Maintree B
1994-1995 Merrymount Equestrian Center A
1994-1995 Columbia B
1995-1996 Merrymount Equestrian Center A
1995-1996 Loftmar B
1996-1997 Merrymount Equestrian Center (retired) Clay Hill A
1996-1997 Merrymount Equestrian Center B
1997-1998 Merrymount Equestrian Center Pickwick A
1997-1998 Tranquillity B
1998-1999 Pickwick Bay Ridge A
1998-1999 Patapsco Willowbend B
1999-2000 Pickwick Bay Ridge A
1999-2000 Merrymount Equestrian Center Meadowood B
2000-2001 Bay Ridge Pickwick A1 A
2000-2001 Marriottsville Ridge Maintree B
2001-2002 Tranquillity Pickwick A
2001-2002 Marriottsville Ridge Merrymount Equestrian Center B
2002-2003 Tranquillity Loftmar A
2002-2003 Marriottsville Ridge Patapsco B
2003-2004 Pickwick Bay Ridge A
2003-2004 Loftmar Oatland B
2004-2005 Merrymount Equestrian Center Maintree A
2004-2005 Merrymount Equestrian Center Oatland B
2005-2006 Merrymount Equestrian Center Loftmar A
2005-2006 Oatland Full Moon Farm B
2006-2007 Merrymount Equestrian Center (retired) Maintree A
2006-2007 Merrymount Equestrian Center Meadowood B
2007-2008 Harmony Ridge Stables Merrymount Equestrian Center A
2007-2008 Merrymount Equestrian Center Full Moon Farm B
2008-2009 Harmony Ridge Stables Century Manor A
2008-2009 Merrymount Equestrian Center Full Moon Farm B
2009-2010 Full Moon Farm 1 Harmony Ridge Stables A
2009-2010 Century Manor Merrymount Equestrian Center B
2010-2011 Full Moon Farm 2 Merrymount Equestrian Center A
2010-2011 Tranquillity Century Manor B
2011-2012 Century Manor Full Moon Farm A
2011-2012 Century Manor Oak Crest Farm B
2012-2013 Merrymount Equestrian Center Century Manor A
2012-2013 Full Moon Farm Tamarack B
2013-2014 Full Moon Farm Harmony Ridge Stables A
2013-2014 Full Moon Farm Oak Crest Farm B
2014-2015 Full Moon Farm Harmony Ridge Stables A
2014-2015 Merrymount Equestrian Center Clover Brooke B
2015-2016 Harmony Ridge Stables Full Moon Farm A
2015-2016 Full Moon Farm Clover Brooke B
2016-2017 Harmony Ridge Stables Full Moon Farm A
2016-2017 Waredaca Oak Crest Farm B
2017-2018 Harmony Ridge Stables Red Gate A
2017-2018 Oak Crest Farm Full Moon Farm B
2018-2019 Red Gate Farm Oak Crest Farm Farm Combined
2019-2020 Red Gate Farm Tamarack Stables Combined

High Point Rider – OPEN, LIMIT, NOVICE

High Point Rider perpetual trophies awarded to the rider in each division (Open, Limit, and Novice) accumulating the most points throughout the competition year.  As NCEL continued to grow, the High Point Rider was broken out by Open and Restricted from 20145-2018.  In the 2018-2019 year, NCEL expanded again to award Open, Limit, and Novice categories.

Perpetual Trophy Donated by: The Dean Family

Year Rider Team Division
1991-1992 Lia Dean Foxfield A
1992-1993 Laura Thorpe Columbia A
1992-1993 Alana Dean Foxfield B
1993-1994 Janice Cady Merrymount A
1993-1994 Sophie Ballo Maintree B
1994-1995 Niki Carter Bay Ridge A
1994-1995 (tie) Megan Collier & Bernadette Timperly Columbia & Bay Ridge B
1995-1996 Allison Gravino Oatland A
1995-1996 Jenifer Martin Loftmar B
1996-1997 Angee Quattro Merrymount A
1996-1997 Alex Frederick Merrymount B
1997-1998 Stephanie Noll Clayhill A
1997-1998 Leah Kiley Maintree B
1998-1999 Anna Anderson Pickwick A
1998-1999 Kelly Armiger Arden B
1999-2000 Tracy McFarland Pickwick A1 A
1999-2000 Carlyn Gratton Merrymount B
2000-2001 Tori Volta Marriottsville B
2000-2001 (tie) Julie Dunn & Tracey McFarland Bay Ridge & Pickwick A1 A
2001-2002 Stacy Zimmerman Bay Ridge A
2001-2002 Tori Volta Marriottsville B
2002-2003 Jenifer Martin Loftmar A
2002-2003 Nicole Benesch Full Moon B
2003-2004 Stacy Zimmerman Bay Ridge A
2003-2004 Molly Brown Full Moon B
2004-2005 Kari Renehan Merrymount A
2004-2005 Eileen Buckingham Merrymount B
2005-2006 E. B. Mackechnie Loftmar A
2005-2006 Alexa Prettyman Meadowood B
2006-2007 Kari Renehan Merrymount A
2006-2007 Christine Cook Tranquillity B
2007-2008 Kari Renehan Merrymount A
2007-2008 Kylan Foster Merrymount B
2008-2009 Alivia Vannoy Century Manor A
2008-2009 Alexandra Singer Merrymount B
2009-2010 Cody Wooten Full Moon A
2009-2010 Eryn Culton Merrymount B
2010-2011 Zellie Wothers Full Moon A
2010-2011 Morgan Wooten Full Moon B
2011-2012 Annie Diehl Century Manor A
2011-2012 Franny Selhaver-Ramos Century Manor B
2012-2013 Rachel Dantley Merrymount A
2012-2013 Morgan Tabler Tamarack B
2013-2014 Alexandra Hatch Oakcrest B
2013-2014 (tie) Grace Fulton & Molly McLaughlin Full Moon & South Breeze 2 A
2014-2015 Grace Fulton Full Moon A-Open
2014-2015 Kelly Poe Oak Crest A-Restricted
2014-2015 Leia Stuart Clover Brooke B
2015-2016 Emily Nuthall Harmony Ridge A-Open
2015-2016 Nicole Marquis Harmony Ridge A-Restricted
2015-2016 Megan Burnette Full Moon B
2016-2017 Kelsey Ann Quinn Full Moon A-Open
2016-2017 Jessica Hosmer Oak Crest A-Restricted
2016-2017 Eimear O’Dowd Oak Crest B
2017-2018 Larke Burmeister Tamarack A-Open
2017-2018 Kate Howlin Harmony Ridge A-Restricted
2017-2018 Payton Myers Full Moon B
2018-2019 Paige Kennedy Red Gate Farm Open
2018-2019 Peyton Snider Tranquility Manor Farms Limit
2018-2019 Natalie Alexander Merrymount Equestrian Center Novice
2019-2020 Paige Kennedy Red Gate Farm Open
2019-2020 Hanna Mullan Red Gate Farm Limit
2019-2020 Roya Cranford Red Gate Farm Novice

High Point Alternate Rider


The points Alternates earn in the Alternate Classes do not count for Team totals, however, the Alternates show sportsmanship, and are competitively recognized as they stand ready to replace a regular team member; helping team members get ready for classes and offering continual support and enthusiasm.

Year Champion Team Division
2000-2001 Tricia Ferrante Merrymount A
2000-2001 Kelly Balk Full Moon B
2001-2002 Christina Martin Loftmar A
2001-2002 Meredith Coyle Dedication Farm B
2002-2003 John Kornreich Merrymount A
2002-2003 Mary Patrick Loftmar B
2003-2004 Caroline Doernhoefer Century Manor A
2003-2004 Morgan Fink Maintree B
2004-2005 Natalie Armel Maintree A
2004-2005 Catlin Bassett Oatland B
2005-2006 Mary Kate Janisko Loftmar A
2005-2006 Nicholette Grant Oatland B
2006-2007 Casey Hawley Harmony Ridge A
2006-2007 Rachel Dantley Merrymount B
2007-2008 Rachel Dantley Merrymount A
2007-2008 Betty Pimm Merrymount B
2008-2009 Leandra Vitterfield Harmony Ridge A
2008-2009 Kaitlyn Capasso Full Moon B
2009-2010 Madeline Plaut Full Moon 1 A
2009-2010 Jessica McWilliams Full Moon B
2010-2011 Mallika Jai Merrymount A
2010-2011 Marie Lerch Century Manor B
2011-2012 Jordann Auth Century Manor A
2011-2012 Kelly Poe Oakcrest B
2012-2013 Nichole Utano Merrymount A
2012-2013 Marissa Jones River Chase B
2013-2014 Emma Shove Harmony Ridge A
2013-2014 Amanda Geyer Red Gate B
2014-2015 Alexandra Harsha Full Moon B
2015-2016 Lexi Alton Oak Crest B
2016-2017 Virginia Burns Full Moon B
2017-2018 Madeline Mohn Full Moon B
2018-2019 Kennedi Okunola Full Moon Combined

Finale Meet High Point Champion

Perpetual Trophy

Year Champion  Division
2004-2005 Maintree A
2004-2005 Merrymount B
2005-2006 Loftmar A
2005-2006 Loftmar B
2007-2008 Harmony Ridge A
2007-2008 Century Manor B
2008-2009 Harmony Ridge A
2008-2009 Full Moon & Merrymount B
2009-2010 Century Manor A
2009-2010 Century Manor B
2010-2011 Century Manor 2 A
2010-2011 Century Manor B
2011-2012 Century Manor A
2011-2012 Century Manor B
2012-2013 Merrymount A
2012-2013 Tamarack B
2013-2014 Full Moon A
2013-2014 Full Moon B
2014-2015 Full Moon A
2014-2015 None (Canceled) B
2015-2016 None A
2015-2016 None B
2016-2017 Full Moon A
2016-2017 Full Moon B
2017-2018 Harmony Ridge A
2017-2018 Oakcrest B
2018-2019 Red Gate Farm  Combined
2019-2020 Red Gate Farm  Combined

Finale Class Champion & Reserve Champion

This is awarded to the Winner of the NCEL Finale Class held Annually at Prince George’s Equestrian Center.

Perpetual Trophies Donated by: Oatland and Meadowood
Year Champion Reserve Division
2005-2006 Elizabeth Langis Tranquillity A
2005-2006 Alexa Prettyman Meadowood B
2007-2008 Alexa Prettyman Pickwick A
2007-2008 Krystal Lankford Pickwick B
2008-2009 Alivia Vannoy Century Manor A
2008-2009 Emily Arches Full Moon B
2009-2010 Cody Wooten Full Moon 1 A
2009-2010 Kristina Mayberry Century Manor B
2010-2011 Karista Giordano Century Manor 1 A
2010-2011 Morgan Wooten Full Moon B
2011-2012 Annie Deihl Century Manor A
2011-2012 Mara Miller Oakcrest B
2012-2013 Rachel Dantley Merrymount A
2012-2013 Meaghan Lynn Tranquility B
2013-2014 Grace Fulton Full Moon A
2013-2014 Keelyn McCabe Red Gate B
2014-2015 Grace Fulton Full Moon A
2014-2015 None (Canceled) B
2015-2016 None A
2015-2016 None B
2016-2017 Kelsey Ann Quinn Full Moon A
2016-2017 Peyton Myers Full Moon B
2017-2018 Kate Howlin Harmony Ridge A
2017-2018 Samantha Gilley Full Moon B
2018-2019 Peyton Snider Tranquillity Manor Farm Combined
2019-2020 Hanna Mullan Red Gate Farm Combined

Sportsmanship Award

Perpetual Trophy Donated by: Doug Harrison, Bay Ridge Stables

Doug Harrison donated the sportsmanship trophy as a means to recognize those young riders who display outstanding sportsmanship during the season and to encourage good sportsmanship throughout the league. Doug has been affiliated with the NCEL as a parent and a coach for many years. He is proud of the success in the league of both his daughter Kathy, and stepdaughter Shallon. Doug strongly believes that good sportsmanship is an important life skill for everyone and that the principles of good sportsmanship apply to everyday life as well as in athletic competition. He feels that all riders who are recognized by their peers for good sportsmanship should be proud of that recognition. Doug congratulates all riders nominated for the Sportsmanship Award and is pleased to honor the rider nominated most often with the NCEL Sportsmanship trophy.

Perpetual Trophy Donated by: Jan Martin, Loftmar Stables

This trophy was donated by Jan Martin in memory of her mother Mary Loftus. Mary loved horses. She taught Jan that the first priority is the care and well being of the animal; that the respect, honesty and fairness you show to others will be returned to you; that each of us should admire and learn from others whose skills are greater than ours; and, most importantly, you should love and enjoy what you are doing. She exemplified good sportsmanship. Her love and support is very dearly missed.

Year Champion Team Division
1994-1995 Bethany Stanton Bay Ridge A
1994-1995 Stephanie Baker Willowbend B
1995-1996 Philip Dickson Meadowood A
1995-1996 Brandi Shackleford Maintree B
1996-1997 Sarah Martin Abingdon A
1996-1997 Autumn Wacker Maintree B
1997-1998 Trisha Prettyman Clay Hill A
1997-1998 Catherine Johnston Merrymount B
1998-1999 Catherine Johnston Merrymount A
1998-1999 Emily Fewster Tranquillity B
1999-2000 Catherine Johnston Merrymount A
1999-2000 Anne Claire Shilton Merrymount B
2000-2001 Catherine Johnston Merrymount A
2000-2001 Brittany Eubanks Full Moon B
2001-2002 Daniel Conyers Oatland A
2001-2002 Tracy Gold Tranquillity B
2002-2003 Allison Carr Hunting Ground A
2002-2003 Abby Bates Willowbend B
2003-2004 Tracy Gold Tranquillity A
2003-2004 Marie Farley Merrymount B
2004-2005 Julie Ane Reedy Loftmar A
2004-2005 Robert Jacobs Willowbend B
2005-2006 Tracy Gold Tranquillity A
2005-2006 Jacob Kakol Maintree B
2006-2007 Marie Farley Merrymount Equestrian Center A
2006-2007 Laura Gorrell Tranquillity B
2007-2008 Alivia Vannoy Century Manor A
2007-2008 Ally Sarkis Maintree B
2008-2009 Kiera Johnson Willowbend A
2008-2009 Angela Cocuzza Bay Ridge B
2009-2010 Cody Wooten Full Moon A
2009-2010 Cleo Gill Willowbend B
2010-2011 Heather Carder Oatland A
2010-2011 Caitlyn Siwek Bay Ridge B
2011-2012 Lindsay Baker Maintree A
2011-2012 Kaleigh Collett Tranquility B
2012-2013 Gabby Albornoz Oatlands A
2012-2013 Brooke Fries Clover Brooke B
2013-2014 Abu Scholl Full Moon A
2013-2014 Karl Protil Oatland B
2014-2015 Kelly Poe Oak Crest A
2014-2015 Rachel Terry Waredaca B
2015-2016 Caitlyn Siwek Bay Ridge A
2015-2016 Kivrin Glassco Tamarack B
2016-2017 Virginia Newman Tamerack A
2016-2017 Samantha Gilley Full Moon B
2017-2018 Brooke Fries Clover Brooke Stables A
2017-2018 Mara League Tranquillity Manor Farm B
2018-2019 Aubry Watts Tamarack II Combined
2019-2020 Penny Hovermill Tranquillity Manor Farm Combined

Coach’s Award

Perpetual Trophies Donated by Sandra Sue Adams-Choate, Maintree

The riders of the NCEL teams Recognize and honor 

The Coaches who are teachers, Mentors and friends, Who inspire, challenge and  Are infinitely fair.

Sharing one’s knowledge gained over a lifetime of experience is one of the greatest gifts that can be given. Coaches are teachers, mentors and friends who give the gift of their knowledge and experience to their students. Coaches challenge their protégées to ride to the best of their ability. They set the standards for their students in all aspects of horsemanship. They foster team spirit, promote good sportsmanship and keen, but fair competition. Coaches are hard taskmasters but infinitely fair. These awards are given annually to the Coach in each League whom the NCEL Team members recognize for their dedication to the sport.

Year Coach Team Division
1996-1997 Jamey Prettyman Pickwick A
1996-1997 Barbara Newill-Klatt Loftmar B
1997-1998 Laura Johnson Willowbend A
1997-1998 Laura Johnson Willowbend B
1998-1999 Catherine Farley Merrymount A
1998-1999 Holly Gilmore Tranquillity Manor B
1999-2000 Astrid Dalley Oatland A
1999-2000 Celeste McGee CampOlympia B
2000-2001 Jamey Prettyman Pickwick A
2000-2001 Doug Harrison Bay Ridge B
2001-2002 Astrid Dalley Oatland A
2001-2002 Karen Fulton Full Moon B
2002-2003 Paul Turner Hylan Forge A
2002-2003 Karen Fulton Full Moon B
2003-2004 Holly Gilmore Tranquillity Manor A
2003-2004 Laura Johnson Willowbend B
2004-2005 Paul Turner Hylan Forge A
2004-2005 Michelle Benczkowski Full Moon B
2005-2006 Brooke Mervine Oak Crest A
2005-2006 Astrid Dalley Oatland B
2006-2007 Astrid Dalley & Brooke Mervine Oatland & Oak Crest A
2006-2007 Pam Kunkel Bay Ridge B
2007-2008 Melynda Legg Century Manor A
2007-2008 Melynda Legg Century Manor B
2008-2009 Astrid Dalley Oatland A
2008-2009 Astrid Dalley Oatland B
2009-2010 Astrid Dalley Oatland A
2009-2010 Beth DeStanley Maintree B
2010-2011 Beth DeStanley Maintree A
2010-2011 Beth DeStanley Maintree B
2011-2012 Beth DeStanley Maintree A
2011-2012 Celeste McGee Camp Olympia B
2012-2013 Catherine Farley Merrymount A
2012-2013 Holly Gilmore Tranquillity Manor B
2013-2014 Leann Smith South Breeze A
2013-2014 (tie) Astrid Dailey & Celeste McGee Oatland & Waredaca B
2014-2015 Tina Emmerich Oak Crest A
2014-2015 Holly Gilmore Tranquillity Manor B
2015-2016 Tina Emmerich Oak Crest A
2015-2016 Holly Gilmore Tranquillity Manor B
2016-2017 Judi Novak Red Gate Farm A
2016-2017 Michelle Benczkowski Full Moon B
2017-2018 Judi Novak Red Gate Farm Combined
2018-2019 Holly Gilmore Tranquillity Manor Combined
2019-2020 Alison Meade Tamarack Stables Combined

The Willowbend NCEL Alumni Challenge Trophy

In 2004, Emily Merkle, Willowbend, a NCEL Alum, worked to establish a NCEL Alumni Group. The first event for the Alums was a Challenge Class held at the end of the 2004 A League Finale Meet. This is now an annual event where NCEL Alums compete in a class over fenses and in a class on the flat with the combined score of the two classes determinine the winner of the Challenge Trophy generously donated by Willowbend Farm. Winners in previous years were:

Year Champion Reserve
2003-2004 Nikki Carter Bay Ridge
2004-2005 Stacy Zimmerman Bay Ridge
2005-2006 Tina Seeley Maintree
2007-2008 Laura Stanford Maintree
2008-2009 Kari Renahan Merrymount
2009-2010 Kari Renahan Merrymount
2010-2011 Alivia Vannoy Century Manor
2011-2012 Kayleigh Burke Century Manor
2012-2013 Emily Dunn Century Manor
2013-2014 Molly Brown Full Moon
2014-2015 Tricia Beakner Merrymount